Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Twin City Nutrition Blog is undergoing a new look and purpose. It will now be devoted to postings on food. The purpose of the blog is to feature foods that are wholesome and tasty.

Appreciating good food is just the first part of creating a positive relationship with food. In my practice, I work with many clients who don't have a relationship or appreciation of food, and live daily in fear about what they are eating or not eating.

Respecting and appreciating our food is a nurturing and loving act and it is my hope that this blog will provide an outlet for a greater understanding of food and how good foods fit into a balanced and healthy meal.

I'll be writing about many different foods --great handmade ice cream to high quality frozen haricot verts. The foods featured will be wholesome, delicious and provide a unique role in balanced and nutritious meals. The nutrient content and health benefits will be sited and there will be an emphasis on whole, unprocessed, foods.

I hope you join me on this exploration of food. The first posting will be soon!

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