Monday, August 11, 2008

Fearing Eggs

I was working with a client this week and she said "I am afraid of eating eggs" for fear the fat and cholesterol in the eggs would be detrimental to her health. I sat back and reflected on how much misinformation and debate is around eggs and their nutrient composition. It made me sad! Ironically, there was also this discussion on a professional listserv that I subscribe, along with a great post by blogger and owner of After the Diet Netowork Monika Woolsey.

I have always been in defense of the WHOLE egg. When I think back to childhood, there was one remedy that always worked for me when I was feeling ill -- can you guess? Eggs. I remember my aunt making me a hard boiled or fried egg sandwich and feeling so much better! Then came research that connected the cholesterol found in the yolks of eggs and elevated blood cholesterol and everyone stopped eating the yolks and all of a sudden a new problem -- FEAR of egg yolks and for some a catalyst of many stress responses around the food; thus resulting in a broken relationship with the nutrient dense food.

Currently, the research is mixed and Monika does a really good job of highlighting the differences. I believe the American Heart Association still recommends 3 egg yolks/week. The bottom line is that I still work with many clients that have signifciant fears and broken relationships with eggs. In defense of eggs, particularly those from chickens raised on sustainable farms -- they are satisfying, nutrient dense and they taste good!

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