Monday, September 08, 2008

Yummy Yogurt

A few years ago, my husband I and travelled throughout the countryside of France, specifically in the Champagne regions. We spent our time drinking incredible champagne and eating the most spectacular foods, but there was one food that made such an impact on me that if forever changed my taste buds and brain chemistry, and that food was unpasturized goat's milk yogurt. I thought that I had died and gone to heaven while this eating yogurt! It truly had more of an impact on me than the champagne.

Prior to my trip to France, I would typically eat very "conventional" types of yogurt, processed here in the States by major corporations. When I would choose from the yogurt wall at the grocery store, it was always based on what "fruit" flavor was at the bottom. The texture was very thin and the taste, to be frank was "bland" and "artificial".

Needless to say, I was very discouraged upon my return to the states and actually stopped eating yogurt. That was until I discovered greek style yogurts. Fage, a brand that is easily accessible here in Minnesota is excellent. It is much higher in protein than standard yogurts and is thick and creamy. It tastes wonderful plain or with a little bity of honey. It doesn't compare to my experience in France, but it is the closest thing to it that I have experienced at home.

Many of my clients choose yogurt based on calories, I am challenging you to try the greek style yogurt and choose it based on taste and satiety. Yogurt is a power food and is filled with live cultures which makes it unique. For additional recipes and more information about yogurt, click here.

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